Hi just want to give you some feedback on your shampoo.  It is fantastic!  For years I have used other shampoos, but all of a sudden my hair started getting caked up and looked awful.  I really thought there was something wrong with my hair (too much oil or something....).  I had taken to cleaning my hair in vinegar as that was the only thing that seemed to work, but wasn't happy with the smell.  I saw your shampoo at the supermarket a couple of days ago and thought I will give shampoo another last try and used your Sandalwood and Orange and am so pleased with it!  I have my normal hair back again!  It actually DOES clean you hair!   Just wanted to share, Many thanks.  Debbie.






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My dad has been suffering with arthritis in his knee caps for years now and no pain relief helpped. My sister found this product on the net and sent away for a tester OMG dad had us order him some the very some day! It gave him instant relief and he has since returned to work. This product is amazing. I would recommend to anyone who wants instant results, its simply the best thing ever......Thanks from the entire Brooking whanau of Otahuhu.




We have purchased your oil for my husbands back back about 6 months ago and has been so beneficial that we would also like to see if this would also help a family member who lives further away from us .

My husbands back pain is almost gone, at its worst the sciatica would keep him awake all night because the pain was so bad, the sample we used worked very well and so we were quick to order a pack Since then, I too have used the oil on different injuries. Its just amazing

how much it really helps! Look forward to hearing back from you soon

Kind regards Angie Lind=




I just wanted to let you know how thrilled my parents are with Elmore Oil. My step-father tells me that he had so much pain that he couldn’t sleep at night. Now, he rubs the oil on the joints and muscles that cause him trouble and he said not only does he sleep through the night but manages to go half way through the next day before needing another application.

It’s great to know that they are getting noticeable relief from aches and pains that can spoil ones quality of life. He is 87 and she is 83 and they live in Huntly NZ which can get damp and cold. And the packaging is also very good – the roll-ons are handy. Mum just has one in her hand-bag in case either of them require it.

And yes, they had tried lots of different products before this one. Kind Regards Gay




I opened my mail today the 20/11/2012 and received 2 sachets of your oil. I put it onto my elbow straight away and my goodness I cannot believe how quickly my elbow was better, I could within 20 minutes use my arm as I have not been able to for about 6-8 months. I wish to thank you a millions times and more for this product and would like to order some. I am over the moon the pain has gone. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Pat




Just wanting to pass on my thanks for the Elmore Oil .
Have felt the amazing effects of it myself . I had a frozen shoulder, and I was given a sample by a friend. I was gobsmacked , when after applying the oil, and massaging it in, my shoulder loosened up and and within 20 minutes I had good movement.
I was so impressed that I began using on my patients in an aged care facility . Using on patients with muscle spasm , aches and pains .
I had one patient , who had horrendous injuries , with lots of contractures, and a lot of pain related to his injuries . I began to use Elmore oil routinely everyday, massaging muscles until they relaxed . It gave such relief, and although he could not speak,  the relief it gave him , his facial expressions, smiles , and positive interactions that followed were priceless...I will never forget it . I have used it routinely as a tool in relieving pain.
So thanks again for the great product. I often give people samples just to try it for themselves !!!! …..Anna T.